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Day 39 * Academy Award Finalist for Student Film 2015*

Pooya Mohseni will appear as Zarmina, an Afghan woman trying to save her brother and her unborn nephew by seeking help from American Military . This short film is a Columbia University MFA Thesis film, directed by Jesse Gustafson, produced by Joshua Cohen , starring John Brodsky as The KID, Dion Mucciacito as DOC and Anna Myrha […]

CBS .Madam Secretary “Whisper of The AX”

My Co-star role on CBS‘ Madam Secretary‘s “Whisper of The Ax” episode, directed by the awesome Eric Stoltz, will be airing on Sunday, March 1st at 9pm est. I played an Iranian operative Samila Mahdavi, who is in hiding in Istanbul. If I tell you more, then you won’t have to watch it! I will […]

Brutal Colors

Just finished principal shooting on the FABULOUS Brutal Colors, by Royal Blue Pictures, directed by Mike Conroy (director of Gabrielle starring Michael Madsen), starring Britt Bowman as Brie, famous painter on the brink of total meltdown, Kevin Wright as Brian, Pooya Mohseni(myself) as the mysterious and somewhat sadistic housekeeper and a cast of characters to glue you […]


Pooya was recently in the Envelope Ensemble’s production of Euripides’ “Electra” as the doomed queen Clytemnestra. You can also see Pooya later this fall in an episode of the new web series www.belowthelineseries.com